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We provide programs everywhere; from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Turkey, Africa, the Gulf, the Netherlands, the U.K. and of course America, all across Canada and the U.S.


Our live and recorded Internet video streaming extends around the earth and offers alternate understandings for faith, in simple English for many homes on our planet. But what about all those homes that don't have Internet or don't know about our online channels? We have spent years researching logistics to achieve something that has never been seen in America - until now:


Three years ago we started to build a firm foundation to the extent, we are proud to announce - Guide US TV is ready to launch and broadcasting online right now! Content IS KING! That's what they say in broadcast TV - And we have a great mix of quality programs from our media partners like, Peace TV, HUDA TV, Islam Channel, Voice of Islam and our own inventory.


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Our Guide US TV team of scholars, teachers and presenters are all working hard producing more content to continue our presentation of true Islam in English - 24 hours a day - On broadcast TV in America. We are not funded by wealthy organizations, corporations or even commercial advertising.



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