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America Bangladesh Television or ABtv speaks about itself. Its name says it all. America, Bangladesh and Television-- these three words are enough to understand what ABtv is all about. To bridge America with Bangladesh is the primary objective of ABtv while connecting and combining Bangalees living across the world is the secondary. News, current affairs, entertainment, infotainment and documentary for, by and of America and Bangladesh would be ABtv's top priority. Other parts of the world would definitely be covered as and when required. Equipped with the fourth generation technology, ABtv would be run simultaneously through IP, cable and satellite. This would enable its subscribers to watch ABtv anytime and anywhere, using television, desktop, laptop, Smartphone and other mobile devices. ABtv is determined to be fair, credible and balanced in news and current affairs. Its content on entertainment, infotainment and documentation would strive to maintain the highest professional standard. Viewers in America, especially the expatriate Bangladeshis, and those living in Bangladesh are the prime target of ABtv. America Bangladesh Television is committed to serve its viewers, sponsors and other stakeholders better.

ABtv would make the best possible efforts to fill in the gap between what the Bangladeshi media project and what Bangladeshi viewers expect. To this end, it would make the best use of its technology and expertise by sticking to professional ethics, norms and standards. Credibility is the only goal ABtv would like to achieve.




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